When stress levels rise, it can lead to premature aging and chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, memory loss, and more. Our program is recommended for guests who need a complete “reboot”.

1 day – BGN 300
3 days – BGN 800

One healing day includes

  • Initial consultation with a doctor. Examination of the general state of the body. (30 minutes)
  • Osteopathic correction – 1 procedure (60 min.)

Osteopathic rehabilitation can significantly improve the condition of such patients. The treatment restores the mobility of the chest, improves blood supply, improves the body’s defenses and prevents pulmonary fibrosis.

  • Acupuncture – 1 procedure (40 min.)

Acupuncture sessions help to activate local and general immunity, improve lymphatic and blood circulation, normalize humoral and nervous regulation, blood pressure, remove toxicity from drugs.

  • Detox + vitamin infusions – 1 procedure (30 min.)

It speeds up recovery, cleanses of toxins and decay products, blocks negative radicals, supports the heart and liver, stimulates metabolic processes, tones. The main component, glutathione, acts as a natural chelating agent and helps clear free radicals and metabolites stored in the liver. As a result, you will rehydrate, restore your energy and cleanse your body.

    • General lymphatic drainage of the body – 1 procedure (40 min.)

    contributes to the increase of white blood cells and immune cells in the blood, expands blood vessels and capillaries, improves blood circulation, saturates the lungs and brain with oxygen and lymph flow, strengthening the human immune system.</p >