Have you already installed the Anti-Covid program?

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All that is recommended today to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus is to wash your hands more often and more thoroughly, that is, not to touch your face with dirty hands and to limit as much as possible contact with the other people. But almost no one talks about the most important thing: how to work with your body to increase the body’s resistance to coronavirus, because after all, a strong body has minimal chances to get sick not only from coronavirus, but also from other seasonal diseases.

The Scientific Council of Peking University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has published an article on

“Reference guidelines for the use of acupuncture and moxibustion in the treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia.”

If you experience a loss of strength and energy, and during the day you experience weakness, headache, fatigue, you should pay special attention to strengthening the body’s defenses. People with strong immunity do not feel weak and broken. To change something in this matter, you need to increase what eastern medicine calls “fire energy” – it is this that is responsible for immunity and resistance to infections. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is worth paying special attention to this.

How to replenish the “energy of Fire”?

By activating acupuncture points using acupuncture, heating with moxa, stimulating lymph and blood circulation in the body and adjusting of feeding.

What exactly?

For this method to be maximally effective for you, it depends on the characteristics of your body.

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