A non-traumatic detox of the body will benefit you: in the spring, all metabolic processes intensify, the body is ready to get rid of toxins, toxins and unnecessary weight accumulated during the long winter. You just have to help him!
No, this is not about detox juices and banal fasting, but about a program specially developed by doctors, which is carried out with the help of acupuncture methods, the latest equipment and recommendations of a nutritionist.
As a result of detox:

  • Toxins are removed from the tissues of the body;
  • Excess fluids are expelled, swelling decreases;
  • Body volume decreases;
  • Digestion improves;
  • Headache disappears.

The detox program for 3 days includes:

  • Analysis of body structure – 1
  • Acupuncture for the liver and gastrointestinal tract – 3
  • Osteopathy – 1
  • Visceral massage – 2 (see *link)
  • Pressotherapy for 2 zones – 3
  • Nutrition regime