How to remove wrinkles without botox and fillers?
Not happy with the reflection in the mirror?
Are you angry about wrinkles, nasolabial folds, uneven and dull skin color, loss of tone, puffiness?
Reluctant or afraid to inject botox, fillers and other “beauty injections”?
Are you into natural beauty and lively facial expressions?
Are you worried and sad when you see your face droop, a second chin appear and neck creases? Do you think only the surgeon’s knife will help you?
There is a way out – osteoplasty! No drug-like side effects, no risks and complications, no addiction. Your face will be beautiful, alive and natural!
This is not gymnastics or massage. It is a new method of facial rejuvenation based on the latest techniques, developments and discoveries in the field of physiology, neurology, osteopathy, kinesiology. The osteoplasty method works with the muscular framework of the face, skull, as well as the neck and décolleté area.
As a result of the osteoplasty procedure, the natural beauty and youth of the face is restored, wrinkles and swellings, facial muscle spasms disappear, blood circulation and skin turgor are improved. The procedure is performed by an osteopathic doctor, not by cosmetologists or massage therapists. After the course of procedures, you will see how the double chin disappears and your neck becomes even and beautiful. To maintain the effect, one procedure per month is sufficient.