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For someone “We are what we eat“, for others “what our food eats” and for others food is just something insignificant and negligible. In nutrition there are conflicting theories and approaches, proven according to the people chosen for the purpose, and this is confusing and manipulative. Such manipulations and interests confuse the already busy, stressed and hectic modern people to the point that they either neglect their food or wander between diets and regimes splashing crazy money on supplements and programs of self-taught, unethical fitness “experts” halls or “health” centers. And when diseases begin to overtake them, they realize their mistakes and face the inability of health care to take care of them.

How do you avoid all this and learn to make the right choice of food for better and sustainable health, without drugs and unnecessary stress, you will learn by visiting Niki Sukov’s seminar

Seminar – “Food: for health and beauty?”

SATURDAY, 10 OCTOBER 2020 FROM 12:00 UTC+ 03-13:00 UTC+03 Food for health and beauty with Niki Sukov Delta Planet Varna

If you are interested, you can contact us at private message or call 052 550 000

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What doctors don’t want you to know about food?

The paradox of the developed society, to which we proudly belong, is that we suffer a complete failure in the treatment of chronic and terminal diseases. Cancer, heart attack and stroke are the main causes of high mortality in our country. I summarized all this some time ago with the conclusion that 74% of deaths in Bulgaria today are caused by improper nutrition. Many people spend their lives literally in fear of these diseases, and it is not uncommon for their fears to come true. A life led by fear as a primary motivation is toxic by presumption.One such example I will always point out:

Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy and removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes to avoid hypothetical cancer. The choice is entirely hers and I don’t want to criticize her, but I don’t understand how a human being mutilates herself because of instilled fears. Louise Hay finds fear as a cause in over 80 different diseases and symptoms.

Perhaps the work in such cases should start first at the level of positive psychotherapy.The whole article can be seen on the site by Nicky Souckov – What doctors don’t want you to know about food?

I don’t eat, I keep I’m filling up. Why?

Starvation has always been a subject of debate and has been viewed with either reverence or disbelief. It is both a test of body and spirit. Over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, we have developed a defense mechanism against hunger. When we have eaten without we know when our next meal will be, we’ve rather stored the food for energy in the form of body fat. When we’re starving now, our body just says to itself:

“I’m hungry, bray! Yeah, yeah I’m going to stock up because I don’t know when I’ll eat again.”

24-hour stores have been a fact for 10-20 years, during which time we have by no means overcome the millennia of evolutionary protection. For that, by starving we’re gaining weight, we’ve lost a lot of weight, and all the time we’re thinking about a pie, miniki with boza or chocolate. To save the situation, we make another bunch of mistakes:

  • coffee with skimmed milk
  • cigarettes
  • carbonated without calories

They only complicate our already dire situation. is “contributing” and all the others from the group of diet foods. It is true that they are low in calories. But they are cardboard, chalk or plastic with flavorings, colorings and a bunch of chemicals (E’s in the list of products< /strong>), which lie to our stupid receptors on the tongue. Once inside us, they are not recognized by our digestion and the only thing it can do is wrap them in cholesterol and send them to the liver.Whole article you can see on Nicky Souckov’s site – I don’t eat, I keep gaining weight. Why?

I want to know why I can’t lose weight?Failure is hard to motivate. When we follow diets that don’t work for us, it’s normal to conclude: “Diets don’t work for me” and continue to eat the old way. The right one for everyone of us food is defined either by blood type or by our body type (Ayurvera or metabolic type), origin, childhood nutrition as well as lifestyle and movement: For example for my blood type (I am 0) foods like seaweed, salt, liver, red meat, cabbage, broccoli, < strong>pineapple should help me to lose weight. According to Ayurveda, I am a Vata type and there they recommend warming, lubricating, grounding, heavier foods, as well as quality oils, warming foods .For my protein metabolic type, red meats, cheese, chicken, eggs, turkey, butter, cream, milk and salmon.After all, my childhood enriched the above recommendations with lots of fruits and vegetables, root vegetables and legumes, less red meat, but with the presence of fish and chicken, as well as dairy and eggs. This is on my table today. Within a week, I eat each of these foods.You can see the whole article on Nicky Souckov’s site – I don’t eat, and I keep filling. Why?