Rehabilitation after an illness from COVID-19 is necessary for everyone, regardless of how severe the illness was.

Duration – 7 days

Included in the recovery program are:

  • Osteopathy – 2 procedures

Applying osteopathy for recovery can significantly alleviate the health condition of patients. The treatment helps to restore the mobility of the chest, improve blood supply and increase the body’s defenses, thus preventing fibrosis of the lungs.

  • Needle reflex therapy (acupuncture) – 7 procedures

Acupuncture sessions activate local and general immunity and improve lymph and blood circulation. They normalize humoral and nervous regulation, as well as blood pressure. The human body is cleansed of toxins accumulated as a result of taking drugs.

  • Pressotherapy – 7 procedures

The method increases the amount of leukocytes and immune cells in the blood, and blood vessels and capillaries expand. Blood circulation improves. The lung and brain are saturated with oxygen and lymph fluid. Strengthens the human immune system.