Shock Wave Therapy

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PAIN TREATMENT! NO PILLS AND INJECTIONS! The only alternative to surgery in the treatment of chronic pain.
BTL shock wave therapy is a modern non-invasive technology for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system:
  • for back pain
  • for pain in the shoulder, elbow or knee joints,
  • for rehabilitation after operations and injuries
  • treatment of valgus deformity of the foot (valgus)
  • treatment of plantar fasciitis (95%)
Shock wave therapy uses pneumatically generated shock waves of low frequency (5-20 Hz) and pressure (1-5 bar). This forces the body to resume its natural healing processes in the affected area. Absolutely safe and painless. You will feel the result after 1 procedure.
Safe and effective solution to your problems.
Sound waves with a certain frequency affect locally the calcified tissues (osteophytes), followed by their softening and destruction. At the same time, healthy tissues are not affected or damaged. It is based on the cavitation effect caused by the high energy density of the shock wave.